Lindsay Lawrence is the founder and owner of Metamorphic gear. Alone side Lindsay, our co- owner Kim Lawrence. Lindsay is a world traveler, sailor and outdoorsman. Lindsay seeks to design a range of stylish and reliable Eco-friendly products for the outdoor enthusiast. Lindsay looked to culminate chic eco- friendly products to the urban lifestyle. Having been involved with sailing both professionally and recreationally, Lindsay, witnessed and had hands on knowledge with the durability of sail material. Metamorphic gear was inspired by outdoor equipment that he already used. Before sailing materials turn to waste, Lindsay, decided to give it a new lease of life. Upcycling of sailing materials became the main ingredient in Metamorphic Gear’s products.

Lindsay’s drive in creating Metamorphic Gear was generated by earth minded and forward thinking individuals. He always maintaining its integrity and has attracted a team of like-minded folks. We are driven to innovate, create and deliver stylish, up-cycled products that you will be excited to bring into your urban lifestyle.

Metamorphic we believe whole heartedly that your gear should be as unique as you. As you are setting out on your journey, think of our gear as it is starting a new chapter with you.