Giving back is one of the key components of our business. Being an outdoorsman, the importance of keeping the outdoor community clean and healthy is one of my top priorities. Our hope that through my actions and business model we get to show future generations to do the same and create bigger and better solutions to helping our earth. We strive to be a stepping stone of positivity, eco consciousness , and health to our oceans. The ocean is where we feel the deepest connection, so why not protect it?

The current location in which we are donating to is the Midway Atoll with in the Midway Islands. The Hawaiian archipelago lie within one of the largest marine protected areas in the world. Amongst many animal species, it is home to the world’s largest Laysan Albatross population, the Short-tailed Albatross (a species listed as vulnerable) and the critically endangered. Hawaiian monk seals, which raise their pups on these beaches. It is not a home to humans. Yet, of the 1.5 million Laysan Albatross on the islands, almost every single one of them has plastic inside their digestive systems and approximately one-third of the chicks die from plastic consumption.

There is something very wrong here. It is incredible to think that man can be having such a devastating effect on an environment. We aim to have a positive impact on this situation and will continue to research the best way to be truly effective with the money we donate. Many companies donate money to causes without measuring the impact their contributions make. We feel strongly that as global citizens we need to ensure that we don’t waste this opportunity. We will keep you posted as to how and where we donate the 1%.

Lend a helping hand and spread the word about us, and the problems at Midway. Hopefully together we can make a difference!